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List Of Things For Teenagers To Do When Bored


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List Of Things For Teenagers To Do When Bored

A lot of times I like to be alone. Hanging out at the house by myself is exhilarating to me. Always has been for as long as i can remember. I rarely got bored as a teenager at all. I didn't and still do not require much attention but of course I have been bored, it does happen. My oldest daughter gets bored easily as well which is what has inspired me to compose a list of things for teenagers to do when bored. Its like teenagers have to constantly be doing something. Makes sense because they are becoming young adults that want to explore the world and live life now that they can make decisions themselves. There are going to be days when you need to stay in and entertain yourself. Mom and Dad cant always say yes and turn the cab light on to run you around. Some of these might actually interest you and others may just be silly to you. If anything, I can keep you occupied for a moment while you read my ideas. I came up with some on my own but I have been surveying teenagers for the past month and got some pretty interesting ideas from them as well, so here they are.
--The number one thing that I realized teens like to do when they are bored and stuck in the house is search the web. YouTube funny videos, play on https://www.facebook.com/ or other social media sites. This is not my favorite recommendation because I'm not all for teens on social sites but hey, I cant change the world that much so go for it and "web surf".
--One of my favorites, obviously because I am a mom, is to read a book. Find one in your collection or ask for permission to download something new and interesting.
--Go for a bike ride if you are allowed outside. If you are grounded you should see if mom or dad want to go on a bike ride with you. They will probably look at this as good family time.
--Be creative. Write a letter to a friend using only cuts from magazines and pictures around your room. This is time consuming and keeps your mind busy, and its fun. Your friend will appreciate the effort.
--Put together a scavenger hunt for you and neighborhood friends to do either today or next time friends are over. Here are some ideas http://www.coolest-parties.com/scavenger-hunt-list-ideas.html
--My favorite when I was home bored was to create a play list. Of course it was not called a "playlist" back then. I would make a mix tape on a cassette of all my jams. I assume you would do this now on your Ipod or Iphone or on your computer. http://www.itunes.com/. Create a list of all of your favorite tracks and songs that you have good, fun memories to. I used to sit for hours and make sure I knew every word to every song on the tape!  http://www.playlist.com/#!/home
--Play pretend and plan your dream vacation. Make a complete itinerary for your trip and give this to your parent or guardian to put away some place safe. One day you will go on this trip if you play your cards right! Pinterest is perfect for this http://pinterest.com/renaekim/dream-vacation-ideas/
--Write a movie with characters and think of a cool, fun script. Get together with friends and /or family and direct and film your mini movie.
--The teenagers around my house love to do this. Get a few old T-shirts and cut them and re-style them. There are ideas online for creative things to do with a T-shirt. Check out this page http://pinterest.com/curlysue77/t-shirt-refashion/
--If there is a hoop nearby or outside of your home, go shoot some hoops! If no hoop is available just go out and practice your dribbling skills.
--Go to the local fire station if it is close and ask them if they will give you a quick tour. Show up with some fresh baked cookies and you will make their day and be more likely to get a yes!
--Practice skateboarding or Penny boarding. This was the number one answer among teenage girls surprisingly!
--Pick a random friend or even someone in your 3rd period you hardly talk to. List 10 or 20 things you like about them. Give them this list when you go back to school. Acts of kindness like this will always come back to you and there is nothing better than making somebody else's day! I like this list of Acts of Kindness http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas
--Change your facebook status to opposite of what it is now. Example, If you are single, change it to "In A Relationship" wait for responses. This can actually be very entertaining I think but goes back to how much I love Facebook for teens....not so much!
--Play video games. I would not suggest doing this every single day but this was the number one answer with the boys, and the men!
--Make some popcorn and watch a couple really good movies. Here is a list more from my time but I actually think teens now would love them http://www.imdb.com/list/vcRy9ocptZ0/
--Put together a time capsule with friends and bury it or hide it in your attic or basement. I suggest this because I wish my friends and I would of done it. I would love to go back at my age now and see what we would have put in it.
--Learn a cool dance. My teen does this one. Pick a cool choreographed routine off of  http://www.youtube.com/  and master it yourself. You don't have to learn a choreographed dance if that's not your thing. Learn how to moonwalk like the late great Michael Jackson. I'm sure there are some tutorials on http://www.youtube.com. You can show off your moves at the next dance or party.
Well that's it! Those are my suggestions for how to cope with your boredom. I hope at least one of these ideas sound fun to you.
Good Luck!
Ok I want to end this with one more fabulous idea:
--Clean your room! Clean out all of your drawers and the closet! Do some laundry and wash the dishes!! You wont have time to be bored and you will feel accomplished when you are finished. You will be sure to score lots of brownie points with the parents for this one!

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Angela on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 11:55 AM
This is awesome! I have a 10 yo and an 11 yo that like to believe they are teens and have teen problems. I am going to keep close eye on this and share it with my daughters because it is never too soon to teach them important ways to keep their minds active! Marci - I am blessed that I got to read this and would love to help you with anything you need. I love to write as well, so just let me know! :)
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Karis on Saturday, July 13, 2013 3:13 PM
this is very intresting to look at and has been useful haha ty! really goes to show what teens look for or search for when they're bored and look what I've found hahahah
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I have been surveying teenagers for the past month and got some pretty interesting ideas from them as well, so here they are.
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Straightening Machine on Saturday, October 05, 2013 4:12 AM
Always has been for as long as i can remember. I rarely got bored as a teenager at all. I didn't and still do not require much attention but of course I have been bored, it does happen.
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Hannah on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 1:29 PM
Hi, My name is Hannah and I'm 14 years old. Coming from a teenager, this list is extremely boring. Who reads anymore? Not me certainly, and none learns dances in their free time. Just some feedback. I would suggest actually finding out what teens like because this list is not it.
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